Project Vehicles

Project: Toyota MR2

This MR2 was one of the first cars that we treated when we received the new car-skin products that had been developed by Paul Taylor. It had extremely oxidised red paintwork and the owner wanted the car to be resprayed. We decided to rectify the paintwork with our new Car-Skin products and the results far exceeded our expectations as shown by the photograph below.

Products used: Cut Extreme, Deep Cut, Deep Clean and CS12.


Toyota MR2 Before


Toyota MR2 After

Project: Rolls Royce Phantom

After launching Car-Skin at the NEC in 2009 and seeing a Rolls Royce Phantom on the RREC stand that was in need of some TLC. We offered to go to their headquarters and restore the paintwork to its former glory. We used a range of Car-Skin products and after four days of hard work, the phantom was once more a car the club could be proud of.

Products used: Deep Cut Extreme, Deep Cut, Deep Clean CS12, Rubber, Interior and Leather.


Rolls Royce Phantom Before


Rolls Royce Phantom After

Project: Jaguar E-Type

This E Type Jaguar convertible had been in storage for 18 years and was in a sad and sorry state. The owner wanted to use it for a family wedding, so over a period of several weeks the car was resurrected mechanically and cosmetically at our garage in Rochdale. Our technicians did a great job of turning the E Type back into a smooth, powerful machine and we brought the bodywork back to life using the Car-Skin products.

Products used: Deep Cut Extreme, Deep Cut, Deep Clean CS12, Rubber, Glass, Deep Cut Chrome and CS Chrome.


Jaguar E-Type Before


Jaguar E-Type After